Analyse the Role of Initial Assessment

Unit 2

Analyse the role of initial assessment in the learning and teaching process


Students entering the College where I tutor have goals that they wish to fulfill during their time at the College and possibly after they leave.   Therefore it is essential that the College carryout initial assessments of all Students before they start their College placement in order to:-

1. Establish a profile of a Students strengths and areas for improvement
2. Review and clarify with the Students what their aspirations for the future are
3. Develop and agree outcomes and goals for their time at the College

The purpose of an initial assessment is to ensure that a Student can enter the curriculum at a level that is appropriate for them. Assessments also allow the Students and their Journey Managers to be able to plan their individual achievable learning goals. These initial assessments will become the framework of Students Individual Learning Plans. Initial assessments, therefore, is the first stage in the process designed to create an interesting and relevant programme of study for your learners. (Wilson, 2009, p.134) At the College I work with some of the most complex young people with learning difficulties so it is important that assessments include a wide range of skills and capacities to encompass the whole person e.g. physical, emotional and cognitive engagement and attributes. In view of this the College have designed an assessment framework which is the document that I work to when completing my initial assessments.

As a glass making/glass cutting tutor I am responsible for carrying out Pre-entry (initial) Assessments in the glass making department.   A Student entering on a three day assessment basis will come into my workshop and spend time completing tasks.   I observe the Student in a practical situation where the Student demonstrates their competence in the following areas:-

Sense of balance
Hand and eye coordination
Spatial awareness...