Initial Assessment

Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Children and Young Peoples Workforce
Initial assessment assignment.
Unit 501/144
Main points of R.F Bales theory on Group Dynamics.
Robert Freed Bales theorized that there are three fundamental dimensions that structure individuals within a group.
These are Dominance/submission
Communication within team meetings.
Before team meetings an agenda is put together and shared between all sites allowing for members to add any issues to be discussed.
This is to ensure all members are given the chance to actively participate.
The meetings are usually held between the 2 directors and managers and deputies from each setting, then it is the responsibility of each manager and deputy to liaise with staff in their own settings.
The meetings are usually led by one of the directors and the other will usually take minutes, at each stage of the agenda all staff are encouraged to voice opinions or share relevant information.
Our staff meetings are usually quite an informal and friendly process, using good and clear communication that all staff can understand and help to continue to run successful settings.
How to support effective communication.
Within my job role as Deputy Manager in a pre-school it is important to have good communication skills to develop positive relationships and share certain information.
I need to be able to communicate well with parents/carers, colleagues within my setting and the other sites, outside agencies such as Areas SENco and health visitors and reception teachers of schools that the children will attend when they leave our care.
I use many forms of communication within my role, having to have good interpersonal skills to allow me to interact with other people allowing for successful communications.
Developing good communications with parents/ carers is crucial from the initial meetings through to the child leaving our care.
I need to be able to...