An Everyday Journey

An everyday journey
Once upon a time there was a young married couple. They lived in a quiet outskirt of a small city. Their most precious property was their beloved cat, a giant grey fluff ball, named Copernicus, after the great astronomer. The couple really loved him, but something didn’t left them in peace: where does he spends his days? They found a way to find it out, they put a small camera on the cat’s collar, which makes a picture every 10 minutes. They put the collar on, and let Copernicus out.
He stood in front of the door for a while, then scratched his ears, stretched and led his steps towards the hedge. The next minute he was already on the top of the brown wooden fence, and headed towards the neighbor’s terrace with the typical mixture of laziness and grace that only a cat can possess. The next-door lady was sitting in her wheelchair, solving a crossword. Copernicus rubbed his nose to the lady’s leg and purred as loud as he could. When the woman noticed him a kind smile appeared on her lips and she greeted the cat with sweet words.
“Good morning little lord. I’ve been waiting for you. How did you know I have just finished my breakfast? Do you know what I have for you? That’s right! Milk, just as you like it.”
She drove her chair into the house, and after a few seconds she appeared with a bowl full of soft and creamy milk. She placed it in front of the kitten, who started to gobble it right away with visible pleasure on his face. He ate for a while, and when he finished it, like a job well done, he jumped up to the old lady’s knees, and started purring.
“They called again. They are trying to convince me to give an interview. Like they didn’t have any more interesting news than the ‘star of the Polish volleyball team on the 1944 Olympic Games’.”-she said to the cat, and petted his throat, to which he replied with a calming purring-“That’s how they call me! Ridiculous. They want to know about my accident, and how I could continue. Ridiculous! Ah!...