American Suffrage in the Age of Exploration

African Suffrage in the Age of Exploration
What if you were torn away from your family, and taken to places you had never seen, or heard of? That is what was done to the Africans over a course of many years, but through all the hardship, they still made it to this day. Comparing them to the Native Americans I would have to say that overall the Africans really suffered the most from the Age of Exploration more than anyone else.
Unlike the suffering of the Taino, which although was extremely brutal, the Africans suffered through the slave trade more than 400 years. Slavery in Africa first started in 1441 when Prince Henry brought back 12 men and 12 women from Africa (Ships of Slaves, March 4, 2011). This really set off the African slave trade. Explorers from all over Europe started going to Africa kidnapping the Africans to have them work with no pay, or benefits. When transporting the Africans, there would be hundreds stuffed on the lower decks of the ship for months, sitting in their own feces, barely having anything to eat, they suffered through unbearable conditions. The Europeans also spread many diseases to the Africans who had never been exposed to them, killing many on the ships before they even reached land (Ships of Slaves, March 4, 2011). This continued to happen to the Africans from 1441- 1888, when the last ship of slaves were transported. Compared to Taino whose 95% of its population was decreased by small pox (500 Nations, February 22, 2011), you can see that the Africans really suffered more, which lasted for hundreds of years.
The Age of Exploration also really affected the once thriving African empires. Africa had once had strong empires like the Ghana, Mali, and Songhai. These empires once ruled Africa. They first started trading with the Europeans since they have a vast abundance of ivory, salt and most importantly gold. Those empires were torn apart due to slavery. Since the slave trade became such a large factor in that era, many Africans...