American Dream + Related Text

The American dream on Apology and Libertad! Igualdad! Fraternidad!
The American dream is sought after and imagined by everyone who comes to America. It is the main reason that people come to America, they come for freedom as well as to one day attain the idea of a perfect American dream. It symbolizes what you have accomplished in life and what you wish to one day have through hard work.
The poems by William Carlos “Apology” and “Libertad! Igualdad! Fraternidad!” have similarity to the American dream.
The “Apology” portrays that quality of looking for the true aspects of the environment and humans, which the lowers lives by. He is mainly discussing everyday life as it is for what some would call the bottom of society. It is a poem which utilizes very simple language yet it forges the point. He focuses on people who are not necessarily the richest or don't live the best lifestyle, but their morality stands above the others. He states very simply on coloured women, day workers, old and experienced. These are not qualities of glamour, these are qualities of pride. This relates to the American dream by how the poor migrants who works really hard in their cast of clothing and returning home at dusk. These people try to achieve their own view of the American dream by their contribution and hardworking to the society. This is an apology from William Carlos because these migrants hope live the American dream through hard work just like the commoners; but the quote “the set pieces of your faces stir me- leading citizens but not in the same way” tells us that we even if their hardworking, the leading citizens see them in different way. This is because they are migrants and their lifestyle is different such as their economic status, race, and physical condition. The technique is juxtaposition in the quote” the beauty of the terrible faces of our nonentities”, because he uses beauty and then terrible faces which means the hardworking, non important people having some other...