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UMUC Master of Business Administration AMBA 610 The Manager in Organizations and Society

AMBA 610 The Manager in Organizations and Society
Course Manager: Professor Rosemary Hartigan (rhartigan@umuc.edu)

Course Description An exploration of the responsibilities and influence that 21stcentury managers have within their organizations and the global society. Essential concepts and theories that provide a foundation for the study of business administration and management—including systems thinking, critical thinking, ethical decision making and leadership, legal concepts, corporate social responsibility, and organizational theory and design—are examined.

Seminar Objectives
Objective 1: Apply models of critical thinking and systems thinking to address complex organizational issues. Objective 2: Reflect on seminar assignments and relate the skills and knowledge gained to personal and professional goals. Objective 3: Assess ethical dilemmas that occur in organizations and develop constructive resolutions based upon application of ethical theories, principles, and models. Objective 4: Analyze the link between ethics and organizational effectiveness. Objective 5: Apply legal concepts in the business environment to managerial decisionmaking and implementation. Objective 6: Apply the principles of organization theory and design to maximize effective implementation of goals through the application of appropriate technology, structure and process. Objective 7: Analyze the challenges of managing and innovating organizations to adapt in a changing global and technological environment. Objective 8: Analyze the concept of corporate social responsibility and apply it to address challenges facing organizations in the global economy.

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