o 4 billion aluminum maker
    o Operates in 8 countries
    o 70% of sales = USA
    o Situated in Lake Dira, in the state of Erekwon
    o Business interest in automotive components, and manufacture of packaging materials, bauxite mining, alumina refining and aluminum smelting
    o Falls under the jurisdiction of region 6 of the EPA


1) Roger Lloyd - iron willed chairman
- (his) word is law in the organization

2) Chris Blake - second in command with “calculating eyes”
                      - convinces everyone that he is right sometimes even Roger Lloyd.

3) Diane Richards - Head of Public Relations
                      - Tasks to work out best PR strategy for a given situation
                      - Her deft handling of angry investors last year, when Alumina, made big technology changes in its level B plants in developing countries won her the unlimited trust of the board of directors
                      - Uses her position to her best advantage

4) Arthur Todd - Legal Counsel
                      - experienced in handling litigation and regulatory proceeding involving releases of solid and hazardous waste (under CERCLA and RCRA); natural resources damage; management of solid and hazardous waste and water (including dredging of navigable waters and filling of wetlands)


Alumina was reported to be in violation of environmental discharge norms in a routine EPA compliance evaluation inspection 5 yrs ago. The PAH concentration in test samples was above prescribed limit a clean up was ordered by the EPA, to which ALUMINA complied promptly. The subsequent environmental audit reported the violation as “corrected”.
Barring this one incident, ALUMINA, has enjoyed a good oveall environmental regulation compliance record.

Kelly Bates, a local resident however threatens to mar ALUMINA’s good compliance record.

        - lead ALUMINA in managing...