Axia College Material
Appendix H
Monotheistic Religion Elements Matrix
| Judaism | Christianity | Islam |
Countries of origin | Israel is the country of origin. | The country of origin is roman occupied Palestine. | The main country of origin is Israel. |
Historical figures and events | The Holocaust was a horrific event in their history. 1/3rd of the population were killed by Hitler and Germany. | Jesus Christ The son of God.They celebrate the birth, life, teachings, death, and his resurrection. | The prophet Mohammed is the one who spread the word of god. |
Central beliefs | The central theme of Judaism is monotheism. | They believe that Jesus was the son of god and he was sent to redeem people of their sins and reconcile them with God. | Islam calls for complete acceptance of the teachings of God. |
Nature of God | There is one God. | There is God and his son Jesus Christ is his messenger. | Allah is the one true God |
Texts | The Torah, The old testament is the main texts. | The Bible is the text used. It consists of the old testament, new testament and Apocrypha, and the deuterocanonical. | The Qur’an is the main text. |
Ritual and practice | The Sabbath is no work after Friday sunset to Sunday sunset. They only eat Kosher foods. Instead of Christmas they celebrate Hanukkah. | They celebrate Jesus’ birth which is Christmas, and his resurrection which is Easter. | Muslims pray five times a day.Ramadan is practiced which is a month of fasting. |
Ethics and morality | They are very ethic and morality driven. | To get to heaven you must have good ethics and morality.You can be forgiven of sin if you confess and repent. | They Strive for peace, purity, acceptance, and commitment. |