Life on Other Planets 

Is their life on other planets? That question has been debated over and over by many famous philosophers, physicists, and historians. Many have different views on the question. Some say yes, and think that it is absurd to believe that we are the only intelligent life in our gigantic universe. Others say no, because we have yet to physically view one. It’s hard to persuade anyone without any hard evidence. With all these people studying and discussing this question, there is still only one certain conclusion, we don’t know. 
My own personal thought on this is that, there is life on other planets. Our universe is too large for us to be the only occupants. There are so many things in the past that we thought to be impossible because we had no explanation for it. For example, in the past astronomers believed that the Earth not the sun was the center of the universe, and through studying the skies for hundreds of years we figured out that we are not at the center of the universe. I believe that is what will happen when we finally discover life on other planets. At this moment we do not have the technology to view other planets and other galaxies thoroughly. Just like the manner in which we discovered that we are not at the center of the universe; proving that there is life on other planets will take time. 
There have been many U.F.O sightings and supposed encounters with aliens. Just like other people I believe that most of those stories are phony, but some of them must be true. Something had to have happen in order for these types of stories to arise. Some kind of event must have ignited this flurry of stories. My question to those who believe that there are no such things as aliens is if aliens don’t exist then why is there a top secret facility called Area 51 in Nevada that is runned by the government? What is there to hide? We have all heard about the alien space craft that landed in Roswell, New Mexico there has to be some sort of truth...