Alien (1979)

Alien: Film Critique
ENG 225
Introduction to Film
April 28, 2013

What does one get when they mix the creativity of film-making and the unconscious imagination? You get Ridley Scott’s incredible science-fiction horror masterpiece, Alien (1979). Alien captures an array of qualities, all of which contribute to its overall success. One of the more major qualities that exist in this film is the use of suspense and surprises to encompass the illusion of fantasy. It stands as a case of cinematic perfection, with all the separate elements coming together with such unity, that the final result is really something to behold. Therefore, the purpose of this analysis is to describe some of these qualities and illustrate how they create an extraordinary film. It will describe the storytelling, acting, cinematography, editing, sound, style and directing, the impact of society on the film and vice versa, genre, analysis and interpretation, overall textual themes. This film ultimately provides the audience with endless opportunities to become engaged.
Alien is about a group of mining workers aboard a spaceship called the Nostromo. The crew awakes from a stasis by a distress call from an unknown planetoid. The crew arrives on this planetoid, only to find a dead alien and a nest of alien eggs. One of the crew members is attacked by a creature that attaches itself to his face. The creature that was attached to the crew members face impregnates the crew member, Kane, thus an alien was born. The terror is only beginning for the crew and what follows is a terrifying quest for survival against the alien aboard. This story is told in chronological order, which means the events in this movie are arranged in the order they occur in time (Goodykoontz & Jacobs, 2011). The movie includes mostly external conflict due to the fact that the alien needs to be hunted down and destroyed. The only internal conflict presented in the film is Ripley’s, when she needs...