Alice Walker

Alice Walker A True Inspiration
Shenean Butler
UNIV103 Academic and Professional Success
February 6, 2014

Alice Walker A True Inspiration

My choice for this assignment is Alice Walker.   I chose her because I feel she is an extraordinary woman who overcame many obstacles in her childhood and persevered in her personal and professional life.   The more I read about her, the more intrigued and inspired I became.   Alice Walker was born in Eatonton, Georgia, February 9, 1944 the youngest of eight children.   Her parents were sharecroppers and laborers in a dairy.   At the age of four Alice experienced a tragic accident that not only left her blind in her right eye, but she was also confused and troubled.   Walker attended Spellman College and later transferred to Sarah Lawrence where she graduated in 1965.   Alice Walker has completed a number of books, poems, essays and novels.   She won the Pulitzer Prize for one of her more famous works The Color Purple in 1983, which was made into a feature film in 1985.
Walker was the youngest of eight children.   Her parents were sharecroppers and laborers for a dairy.   Her mother worked as a seamstress to earn extra money.   Alice was too small to work on the land so she usually played around with her younger brothers while the older siblings worked.   Tragically while playing with her brother’s one of them accidently shot her in the eye with a bb gun.   This left her blind in one eye which caused a major challenge for Alice.   She became withdrawn.   Alice’s father was somewhat of a chauvinist, he believed the women should clean the house and the men worked outside the home.   This also caused a challenge for Walker trying to get her father’s approval.   The passing of her parents (though their deaths were ten years apart) caused a turning point in Alice’s life.   She also had to endure racism and deal with issues of women’s rights on abortion.  
The scar in Alice’s right eye would be described today as cataract, a white patchy...