Alice Walker

Anitra Hatcher
Academic and Professional Success
November 2, 2014
Alice Walker
After conducting research on several of my favorite authors, I selected Alice Walker’s life and works as the focus of this paper.   Walker's accomplishments are substantial.   Her novel, The Color Purple, won the 1983 Pulitzer Prize and the National Book award for fiction.   She has authored many other critically acclaimed works, and is recognized as a leading author in the literary world.   As I began to dig deeper, however, I found the real reason that I chose to concentrate on this individual.   Alice Walker is an African American woman who expresses herself and her life experiences in her writing. I feel like I am connected to the themes and characters Walker develops in her stories.   I feel like I am connected to Walker herself.   I have been broken in some kind of way or another. I have been abused physically and mentally. Walker has not allowed her struggles to get in the way of her success or happiness. I chose to write about her because she is a woman who faced profound struggles in her young life.   She came close to giving up because of a childhood accident and an abortion.   Alice Walker was a fierce and determined woman who stayed committed to her goals.
Alice Walker faced many challenges. She was one of seven children.   She was born in poverty to sharecropper parents on February 9, 1944.   Her father was the grandson of slaves.   Her father did not want her to get an education in fear that it would destroy their relationship. Walker's mother enrolled her in the first grade at the age of four.   Her mother believed an education would be important to her child.   At the age of eight, Walker was accidentally shot in her eye with a BB gun, and was permanently blinded in her right eye. Afterwards she went in to depression and withdrew from the outside world.   She spent the next several years reading and writing poems.
Walker went to college and, as her father had predicted, this...