Alfred Hitchcock

Hitchcock’s movie Blackmail released in 1929 was promoted as Britain’s first full-length movie. Then in the 1930’s he gained a well known reputation creating a series of brisk and audacious chase thrillers for Gaumont-British ,including The 39 Steps(1935) and The Lady Vanishes(1938) The movie who launched the British director in American history was “Rebecca”(1940).With this film begins Hitchcock’s systematic attention upon “the subjective”. All his master pieces that have been filmed and put on screen were the direct result of this first film called “Rebecca”. Without it’s success all the other movies that have made Hitchcock a legend would just lay in the dark today.
There are more than one “émigré” directors that have continued their work in different ways, but the most successful one of all was Alfred Hitchcock. Along him were other famous names as Fritz Lang who had a more sober style and continued to make somber genre pictures such as “Rancho Notorious”(1952) and “The big heat”. Another well known” émigré” director was Billy Wilder who became a top director with his irony-landed dramas for example “Sunset Boulevard” “Ace in a hole” “Witness for the Prosecution” and other cynical erotic comedies such as “The Seven–Year Itch” “The Apartment” and many others.
Otto Preminger cultivated a distinctive personality being a director and also an actor in one of Wilder’s movies “Stalag 17”.   Otto was his own director and because of that he was very careful with his work, he was the one to push the long-take technique even further than Cukor and Minnelli.
His new ideas were the ones who composed his Cinema Scope frame, in which most of the long shots have no expressive effects.
There were any names that became famous in the film industry in the postwar
Years, but probably the most well know figure was of actor/director/producer Alfred Hitchcock. He was the “Master of Suspense” and he was...