Geno Guilyard
Mrs. Layman
Literature and Film
6th December 2010
The New (Disturbia) vs. The Old (Rear Window)
In the movie Rear Window directed by Alfred Hitchcock, and Disturbia directed by DJ Caruso, these movies both share in common spying.   This puts the characters in other people’s business which you should not be involved in or snooping.   Rear Window was produced in 1954, and Disturbia was produced in 2007.   The movie Disturbia is alike the movie Rear Window in ways of similarities and differences.  
In the movie Rear Window the main character is L.B Jefferies which many people call him Jeff he’s in his older ages, and he has a cast on his leg, because he was getting an action shot on a racetrack, and he is restricted to the view of his back window of his apartment in his wheelchair.   Jeff has girlfriend and her name is, Lisa Freemont, and the woman that takes care of him during his injury is his nurse Stella.   Jeff gets into other people’s business and looks at what everyone else is doing, pretty much being nosey and getting his nose into things he shouldn’t be getting himself into.   Jeff gets so into one of his neighbors business that he ends up solving and finding out that Lars Thorwald killed his wife Emma Thorwald.   By doing this he put himself into danger and also put others around him involved in the relevance of the murder in danger too.
In the movie Disturbia Kale is the main character, he is a teenager, and Kale has a ankle bracelet on his ankle.   Kale is limited to where he can go, he is on house arrest pretty much for punching his Spanish teacher in the face in class during class.   Kale spies on his new neighbor, Ashley, the children across the street, and also Mr. Turner.   The main person he is concerned about and is a bit fishy about is Mr. Turner, which is the neighbor that Kale tries to convince to his best friend Ronnie, and Ashley that Turner is a serial killer and that he is the one that is wanted on the news.   Kale while finally...