Com 220 Final Project

“Marijuana contains over four hundred different identifiable constituents such as steroids and Vitamin A.” Constituents are defined as things that make up something. Also a study done at UCLA in May 2006 says “that they found that there is no association between lung cancer and marijuana, and that marijuana may have some protected effect on people.” So even though many people do not want to legalize marijuana for medical use, they should legalize it because it has more positive effects than harmful ones.
There are some ailments and illnesses that medical marijuana has helped. Two that will be discussed are migraines and multiple sclerosis. Migraines are a very common ailment in society. Many people obtain them, and suffer the pain associated with them. Doctors prescribe many types of medications for them like Imitrex and a blood pressure medicine called Lisinopril. Sometimes they can work, and sometimes they don’t.
The side effects for these can be worse than not taking them. Some of the side effects for lisinopril are headache, nausea, fatigue, fainting, and chest pain. Some of the side effects for imitrex are weakness, numbness, tingling, chest pain, and irregular heartbeat. So not only do we try these medications, but when they do not work, the doctor tries medicine after medicine. If we can just use one drug that can alleviate the pain, it would be a blessing. When taking medical marijuana for a migraine, the vascular changes that it causes in the covering of the brain usually makes migraines disappear. It also relieves the nausea associated with migraines, and the pain that comes along with it.
In multiple sclerosis, doctors use disease modifying drugs that will slow down the progression in some people. Two drugs that can be used are Avonex, and Capaxone. Some of the side effects of avonex are headache, fever, chills, and muscle aches. Some side effects for copaxone are nausea, chest pain, and shortness of breath. Both of these medicines have to be...