Air Poltuion

In this part of my assignment I shall be assessing the relationship between damage to the environment and human health from the impact of the topic of air pollution.
When looking into air pollution and assessing the underlying relationship between the damage to the environment and human health. Air pollution causes a large amount of damage to human health and the environment; it has increased over the years by a large proportion. When looking into the way the environment and human health interlink when looking into air is clear to see that in countries such as china where the environmental damage from air pollution increases as does the rate human health decreases according to statistics given by the Chinese government as well as news reporters investigating this.
Air pollution is well known for its dangerous effect on human health, in particular in European countries. The pollutants come from day to day things which are ongoing in the environment of individuals leading to their poor health. They are mainly the product of combustion from heating, car generators for the cars power, Lorries, busses etc… the thing about air pollution and an individual’s health when exposed to a high pollinated environment can vary. This is because when looking at just one individual, if they have good health they have a lower risk of being at risk from air pollutants when looking at short term effects because they wouldn’t be exposed for a long period of time. On the other hand when looking at someone who is living in a highly polluted areas such as china they have been around the pollutants in the environment for a longer period of time and in taking more harmful chemicals such as; sulphur dioxide…meaning that the exposure to the air pollutants can lead to the individual having more serious symptoms, conditions, illnesses etc..This will end up affecting their health.
The damage...