Ago Assignment

1.   As you approach the AGO, and are standing at the corner of McCaul & Dundas, you will see a sculpture outside the AGO.  
(a) What is your initial reaction upon seeing this piece?
I didn’t have a very clear initial reaction because I was hit with confusion and a bit of shock, mainly due to the fact that I don’t critique art a lot. I didn’t really like this piece as it didn’t really dazzle me like I saw art dazzle the people that viewed it on tv. It didn’t have that wow effect nor did it evoke any strong emotions out me. As I was moved closer to examine it in more detail, I realised that it was two separate shapes that basically fit together the closer you moved. It looked like a big rock and rocks don’t really represent much in my opinion. Maybe it represents an obstacle in nature that animals have to overcome.
(b) Do you think initial reaction is a very important quality in art?
Initial reaction is very important in anything as it dictates the tone of the relationship between the two objects. The initial reaction towards an art piece will usually determine your conclusions and ideas about the piece. For example, for the sculpture outside the AGO I had had no initial reaction or attraction towards the piece and even when I got closer for a better look my attitude towards was very dismissive. I couldn’t find myself to come to really study or appreciate this because I wasn’t initial impressed by the work.
(c) Now walk around the work and touch it.   Has your reaction to this work changed from touching it?
When I walked around the work and touched the sculpture, my view on it stayed the same although I liked how it felt. I expected the sculpture to be hollow and light, but as I touched it, I noticed it had solid ceramic texture. I appreciated the time and effort spent of making the art piece, but I didn’t feel a connection, spark, or emotion.
(d) NOW read the title of the piece and the name of the artist.   Do you believe the piece is appropriately titled?...