Affimative Action

Affirmative Action Checkpoint

      Affirmative action is a policy that helps equal employment opportunity (EEO), to require organization to comply with the law and correct past discriminatory practices which increases the numbers of minorities and women in specific positions. Affirmative action also analyzes employer in their workforce to help them to develop a plan of action to correct areas of past discrimination. This policy of plan of action is achieved by having organization to follow specific guidelines and goals to ensure that they have a balanced and representative workforce. All employers must make a concerted effort to recruit, select, train, and promote members of protected classes. The employers must locate certain minority candidates who a qualified, but also those who with reasonable amount of training or physical can be accommodation are the one who are must quality for the job openings.
      To present an Affirmative action plan to a board of directors first you must establish an affirmative action programs. First, you must provide an organizational profile that represents that represent their workforce demographics. Second, you must establish goals for the employment and an underutilized including initiating proactive recruitment and selection methods. Fourth, you must monitor the progress of the hold entire affirmative action plan program. Affirmative action programs may also be required by the courts for employees to be found guilty of past discrimination. The court ordered programs will require the setting of are the hiring and promotion quotas along with the stated timetables for compliance. The employees voluntarily develop their own affirmative action program to ensure the protection and fair treatment in all the aspects of employment. Some affirmative action employers may be accused of reverse discrimination, this is were they give preference to members of protected classes to the extents that unprotected individuals believe that they...