Affecting Change

Affecting Change
Angela DeLorme
LDR531-Organizational Leadership
May 9, 2011
Jim Severnak

Affecting Change
The term leadership has various definitions to many individuals. The one aspect of leadership most agree on is influence. Leaders typically must have influence over groups, which often include subordinates as well as leaders in other departments or areas within a company. During times of restructuring, a new leader may face many difficulties in establishing himself or herself with existing departments, as is the case with the new chief operating officer (COO) of S&F (Smith & Falmouth) Online. This paper is an explanation of the demands on leadership personnel with respect to control, culture, restructuring, effective management practices, size, and structure.
S&F Online
Smith & Falmouth developed its e-tailing division, S&F Online, six months ago to augment its tele-shopping and mail-order company. The current company structure consists of Irene Seagraves, chief executive officer; James Argyle, project manager; Brian Kervor, logistics manager; Adam Searle, marketing manager; a logistics team; and a web development team. Until now, the marketing manager handled operations of this division with the help of the logistics manager and the marketing manager. However, to consolidate operations, the CEO has decided to add a chief operating officer to oversee S&F Online.
The problem with adding a COO position to an already functioning structure is that many employees are reluctant to answer to a new leader. However, the CEO has set challenging goals for the COO to streamline online operations, increase the reach of the online sales channel, and make the division a profitable strategic business unit (University of Phoenix, 2002). Therefore, the new COO must tailor her leadership style to gain...