Aed205 a Career in Education

A Career in Education
Christina Wilson
Susan Thompson

A Career in Education
When I was a child my parents owned a daycare that I had to attend every day. When I became a teenager the love for teaching preschoolers grew. Since times have changed a person has to have a degree to even teach preschoolers. I love to watch children learn and see his or her reaction when he or she has mastered a skill. When I become a teacher I cannot wait to have the control over my own class and see that my future students will succeed in his or her education. Another joy that will happen in time is to see the students that I have taught graduate and become doctors, lawyers, teachers, or anything he or she wants to achieve. What inspired me to become a teacher is when I was in high school 18 years ago I was a kindergarten helper for two years with a very special teacher who encourage me to become a teacher.
My idea of a learning environment is to have structure within the classroom. I want my student to feel comfortable and safe with me in the classroom. If a student has problems I want them to feel comfortable enough to come to me and ask for advice, but still be their teacher. I want to provide many hands on projects so my students will get a better grasp on learning materials we present to him or her. I want to establish a daily routine so that my students will know what to expect every day. I know that someday we might have interruptions such as a guest speaker visiting the school. Even with interruption we as teachers need to keep to a schedule. I want to be a teacher for all my students not just for the ones that some teachers or people label them as hopeless.
My past experience as a student I had some good experiences and many bad experiences. I had many teachers that only taught the kids that were easy to teach leaving the ones that struggle behind. I was one of the students who struggled in the classroom, allowing me to fall behind. I also blame my...