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Once upon a time in a faraway land, lived the most beautiful girl in the world. Her name was Internella. Internella was like Cinderella, Internella was not that much bigger than you. And she loved playing on her pink computer.

One day   Internella saw some colourful pictures flash on her computer screen. She got so excited so she clicked on the pictures to see what they were about.

When she clicked on the coloured pictures, she was able to chat with someone. This someone was a kind girl named Inn Peril. They both played games together, spoke and had lot’s of fun. Inn Peril liked to be called Inny, invited Internella to the Cyberball.

Inny told her that to be able to come to the cyberball she had to push a button. Internella went back to her pink computer and pushed the button. Suddenly she was sucked into Cyberspace.

Internella screamed. Cyberspace was a gloomy black hole. It was scary, dark and spooky. Internella started to cry and felt very trapped. How was she to get out?

Meanwhile, a young handsome man, named Reece Cue was playing on his computer. He noticed a “swoosh” across his screen.
“That’s odd” he said and then realized that someone was in trouble. He had to do something!

Reece quickly pressed some buttons and he too was sucked into Cyberspace. He fell through a deep dark tunnel and landed on the feet of Internella.
“Oh thank you” cried Internella “Inn Peril seemed so nice but she tricked me”
“Well, that shows you that you should never trust anyone on the internet.”   Said Reece

Reece Cue brought Internella back to safety. They stayed friends, were careful on the internet and lived happily ever after!