Ads R Us

Analytical Essay- “Ads R Us”

In the novel “Ads R Us” written by Claire Carmichael, the story is set in the future with technology, advertising and many other similarities and differences to today’s world.
Despite Ads R Us being set in the future they still have Global Positioning Systems (GPS), drugs are illegal both now days and in the text. There is also the differences, Young teenagers in the novel are getting plastic surgery, but today’s lifestyle mainly adults and celebrities are getting plastic surgery.

In the text, Global Positioning Systems (GPS) are similar in the way the assist in giving directs. GPS can be classified as a helpful item in the text and today, as they are used to help people find their way around.
“Fifty meters to your left is the intersection you require,” Prompted the Nav System. (Page 1.)
The GPS voice explaining which directions to follow to reach their destination.
“It's a feature-packed 3G phone and a GPS navigation system packaged into a 2cm-thick slider phone. And  
it means business on both fronts.”
Now people are getting mobile phones with a GPS in it. The GPS is getting more and more popular with people in societies.
The GPS is popular today and in the text and is therefore the same in the book and in 2007.

In Ads R Us young teenagers often get plastic surgery, but in today’s lifestyle mainly older people over the age of 18 get plastic surgery.
Young teenagers often get plastic for the small things like longer legs and chin reshaping, but people today usually are getting breast implants and liposuction.
“My parents had already sprung for my plastic surgery to reshape my chin.” “I’d like longer legs.” I said. (Page 3.)
Plastic surgery is more common in the text and usually young teenagers are less likely/ or don’t get plastic surgery. Most of the time people don’t get longer legs.
“For women there was 364,610 procedures of...