Adolescence mothers dealing with everyday life.

Adolescence is referred to as teenage years, youth, or puberty. The adolescent is no longer a child but does not reach adulthood yet. Adolescent mothers are faced many difficulties in their everyday life.
In some countries such as Saharan Africa and India women tend to marry at an early age based on their traditions and beliefs, which leads towards an increase in teenage pregnancy, 1 but in other countries this may be due to lack of sex education, poverty or child abuse at the home.
Adolescence mothers and their relationship may have some difficulties. Some relationships may be good while some won’t. The relationship between mothers and daughter sometimes cause problems in the family. Teenage pregnancy can also influence younger siblings, making her want to follow her sister footstep or thinking it is the right thing to do. Another effect this can have on mother daughter relationship is lost of trust and communication. Parents of teenage mothers must now realise that their children are responsible for another live. Teenage parents are frequently in a romantic relationship at the time of birth, but many adolescent fathers do not stay with the mother and this often disrupts their relationship with the child.
For adolescent mothers, the relationship with their boyfriend or husband can have a positive and negative impact on their lives. Few stay in relationship with their girlfriend especially those who are married while others may leave because they think they are immature to become a father or fear of taking responsibilities on their own. However, this can cause depression on the mother and disrupts the relationship with the child. Another factor which can affect relationships is neglect to one’s husband or boyfriend, with too much affection and spare time towards the child.
As human beings we know education plays an important role in everyone’s live. Teen pregnancy can have a negative impact on an individual...