Equality and Diversity

Policy and Scheme 2005-8
(Amended November 2006)

Equality and Diversity Policy and Scheme 2005-8
(amended November 2006)


Welcome to our Equality and Diversity Policy and Scheme.

As a Council we recognise and are committed to our leading role in promoting equal opportunities and valuing diversity. We are working hard to ensure that women, disabled people, black and minority ethnic communities, lesbians, gay men, young people and older people all have equal access to our services. We have also made progress in developing our workforce to ensure that it better reflects the diverse population we serve.

This strategy challenges us to show real improvements in the way that we deliver our services and treat our customers and staff. We have set ourselves new and challenging targets underpinned by an ambitious programme of change and improvement. We have a genuine desire and commitment to this scheme, success will require continued support from members, staff and partners.

The benefits of delivering on this commitment will be far reaching ensuring that all our customers experience increased satisfaction from the Council and make Torbay an even better place to live and work and visit.

Elizabeth Raikes, Nick Bye,
Chief Executive.                                         Mayor.

Equality and Diversity Policy and Scheme


      Executive Summary

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policies

      Torbay Council Policy on Equality and Diversity

          Age Equality Policy
          Disability Equality Scheme
          Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Service Provision Policy
          Equal Opportunities in Employment Policy
          Gender and Sexuality Equality Policy
          Race Equality Scheme
          Religion & Belief Equality Policy

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Scheme

Incorporating the Council’s Race Equality Scheme (as required by the Race Relations...