Love Conquers All - an adaptation from Mary Shelly's Frankenstein
We walked hand and hand, in a dilatory manner, through the verdure of the forest- the dark, deserted, dreary forest. I knew he didn’t want me to come; he deplored every step we took. I didn’t care though. I enjoyed every minute we had together, even when he was in great turmoil. “Victor it will be alright, do not be desponding,the creature just wants to talk to us; he wants a chance to explain the reasoning behind his actions.”
“Elizabeth - sweet, sweet Elizabeth - you have no idea what an unhallowed thing we are about to be faced with, if you feel you must make haste, let it be done; I will make it through alone.”
“That would only efface your fears and the chance to explore my curiosity.”
“I remember that one dreary night of November, when I beheld the accomplishments of my toils; like a bad recurring dream. I stared over the lifeless thing that lay at my feet; my obsession for the past two years. (1)The rain pattered against the windowpanes, my candle was almost burnt out, when suddenly out of the corner of my eye I saw the dull yellow eye of the creature open; its breath was rigid and its limbs moved in a sudden jerk. I had desired it with an ardor forever; but now that I had finished, the dream vanished and I was filled with horror and disgust for what I had just created. I rushed out of the room with exhortation, I couldn’t put myself to face the thing I had produced; the atrocious monster in my small bedroom. Elizabeth, do you choose to witness this calamity; are you sure you can face this fiend? If I had the choice not to, I would. I’d make haste and run as far away from here as possible.”
“No, we face this monster together, or not at all; this is my decision.” We continued to walk through the luxuriant tall trees until we made it to the valley. There is where I spotted the creature for the first time. (3) It was more hideous then Victor had described; his dull yellow eyes and...