Activity 4.3

Activity 4.3 - Case Analysis
Christopher Gorski
November, 13, 2014

Case study of Aircraft that made an emergency landing at Edmonton Airport
A De Havilland 8400 series aircraft carrying 71 passengers and 4 crew members experienced a landing gear failure on 6th November 2014 when it was landing at Edmonton Airport. This is not the only incident that took place for the first time many incidents like this happened earlier also, around 6 such incidents occurred between March 2007 to August 2008.

But   according to the investigation, the incident occurred because of failure of right hand landing gear. The Investigation is still underway which Transport Safety Board also confirmed.The cause of the incident has not been properly identified: it could be an indication problem where gear was not properly locked or some component failure on landing (Mortillaro, 2014). Further investigation identified that there was a problem in retraction actuator assembly rod end and piston.

Significance of the problem
Such kind of incident causes financial loss to the company as well as severe damages and deaths of passengers travelling in it. Reason behind such problem could be negligence on part of maintenance personnel of not inspecting landing components properly, where there is no proper maintenance, repair and other   maintenance related work which are essential in order to ensure safety as per Air Safety Rules and FAA regulations. Also, there might be negligence of standards and norms of aircraft maintenance that might be not taken care of.
Action Plan
To avoid such problem or situation, there should be proper maintenance checks carried by maintenance personnel of the company in order to ensure that each and every component is absolutely fit to be in working. Also, by providing proper training to maintenance personnel will help to ensure safety and will reduce down risk of such incidents happening in future again. However the disadvantage with...