Actions to Take When Responding to Abuse

Actions to take when responding to abuse

If any member of staff suspects or has evidence that a child/young person is suffering/likely to suffer any form of abuse they must report it to the headteacher/child protection co-ordinator or the person in charge for the day immediately.

    1. Once informed the headteacher/person in charge should inform by telephone the duty social worker at the Children and Family Services. The referral needs to be made with reference to the child protection.
    2. Information should be provided about the child’s name, address, date of birth, name and address of person who has parental responsibility and reasons for the concern.
    3. All referrals need to be confirmed in writing within two days using the form ‘Referral to Children and Family Services’ A copy of the referral should be sent to the Statutory Head of Education marked ‘confidential’ for the attention of the Child Protection Co-ordinator for Education Services.
    4. The Children and Family Services should advise what action will be initiated, and must advise the referrer in writing, of their decision. The referrer and an Education Services representative will normally be required to attend any resulting child protection conference and must provide a written report whether they are able to attend or not. The report must be based on fact and not opinion or rumour.

Where it is alleged that the abuse has been made by a member of staff then these are the following procedures must be taken:
1. The headteacher/person in charge must been informed immediately.
2. All suspected/alleged abuse must be reported to Children and Family Services or the Police.
3. Agencies must not undertake their own internal enquiries but must refer on as described above. They must not decide if the concern is a disciplinary issue or a child protection issue. This complex decision should only be made with the involvement of Children and Family Services and the Police.
4. Advice...