Acguiring a Contract with the Navy

Nellie Batemon
Professor Gregory S.   Hart, PhD
                                                    BUS 375   Project Management
February 27, 2015

Describe the project scope and project management plan. Align your plan to the overall strategy that you had recommended to the senior executives in Assignment 2.
      The project scope is a key management practice for planning and delivering projects successfully.   Project scope includes high level features or capabilities that the business team has committed to the customer as well as those that have not committed to delivering.   Project scope is defined by the executive sponsor, steering committee, project sponsor and the project’s customer with input from the other appropriate stakeholders.   The scope planning works toward ensuring that the key project stakeholders agree upon the project work to be accomplished.   Achieving this agreement is facilitated through a process of elaborating and documenting project work and communicating with project stakeholders.   This process forms the basis for an agreement between the project team and the customer by relating the work of the project to the project’s objectives and ensuring that the project includes all the work required and the work required to meet the agreed upon project objectives.   The scope planning process of motorcycles is one of the leading and fastest growing vehicles in the USA.   Motorcycles is one of the modes of transportation use has been increased at a significant level in the last decade.   The demand of customers several companies now are marketing motorcycles.   These companies are following market strategies of their own to capture the market share.   Market share of these companies is gained and expanded by following the four P’s.   They are product, price, place and promotion.   The implementation of the four P’s is studied for conceptualizing the marketing program of these companies.   Marketing strategies have a significant...