Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography: Contract Pricing
This annotated reference list will provide readers with an overview of how personal characteristics, theories and, leadership skills of business personalities have directly affected their work and that of their peers. The majority of the articles that are referenced here- in this annotated bibliography are derived from peer reviewed scholarly journals, government websites, court cases and tangible internet sources. While conducting my research, I compiled articles that were centered on leadership, fraud in government contracting, perceptions and personality traits. The other articles were obtained from tangible sources that focused mainly on direct labor, indirect labor, contract pricing and whether costs were allowable, allocable and, reasonable.
Annotated Internet Source
Goldstein, A. (2009). Sticks, stones, and $600 hammers: the role of public discourse and mythmaking in federal acquisition policy.   Journal of Contract Management.   Retrieved from

The author in the article articulates to what extent constructivist and positivist theories contribute to societies’ thinking. The article contributes to the knowledge of contract and acquisition in government structures and the academia. The author’s credentials are valid and the journal article is part of the National Contract Administration Association (NCMA).   The author currently holds a position of analyst principal with CACI, which is a major government client and, he works as a contract specialist for the Department of Education. He also served as vice president in the past with the NCMA and was a distinguished graduate of the Contract Management Leadership Development Program from 2008-2009.   Goldstein has held various responsibilities in the contracting field. His article was directed to the attention of the professionals in the acquisition profession and those who are aspiring to pursue course. It...