Diversity Competency includes the ability to help people work effectively together even if their interest and backgrounds are different. As a member of the military diversity competency is number one and without it there is absolutely no way the members of the armed forces from many different backgrounds can come together as one to efficiently and effectively protect this country and our allies.
Diversity Competency consists of a number of different key attributes, all of which are demonstrated in the case study referencing "Accenture's Work life Balance Program".
Overall, Accenture's put into effect the "Whole Person/Work Concept". If you're happy with the balance between work and home, less likely you are to quit and the company is happy because they don't have to spend thousands of dollars training someone to take your place.
A key concept that was born from the Work Life Balance Program is the idea of flexible work hours. It could be an advantage to companies to use this as an incentive for hiring being that most people do not or cannot follow the traditional work hours of 9-5.
Another concept is the Future Leave program. As a military member leave is golden..the more the better. Who doesn't want extra time off to take of vital personal actions or to just relax? Accenture took it one step further; they actually let their employees take leave to work in 3rd world countries. Of course this is good PR for the company as well.
Other ways Accenture could accommodate their employees is to develop a day care program for those parents who simply cannot find what they need to accommodate their children. Another idea is the buy leave program. For example, if you need leave but it's short notice request and you’re short on cash then you can buy it from another employee instead of the company at a cheaper price. The company could let its personnel advertise leave to sell. Another company incentive could be to buy back leave.   Example, if you feel you've purchased...