About Belgium

Belgium is a country that is in the continent of Europe. The Capital of Belgium is Brussels. Brussels is the place where everything happen in Belgium. Now Belgium is the place that have a lot of different topic’s to talk about.
In Belgium there is a lot of diversities in the cultural like the museums, the theater arts, music, art of Nouveau, the opera, exhibitions, the galleries and more. In Belgium there is a lot of museum like the Felicien Rops, Groesback de Croix museum and more. The Groesback de Crobe museums is one of the museum in Belgium. It’s a Architect Chermamne a former Villers-en-Brabant sanctuary. This became a museum in 1935. The interior was filled with a lot of different things like great collections of the Namur furniture, glassware, ceramics and more. Belgium Art Nouveau Brussels is one of the most magnificent structures in the city. In the 19th century, Brussels went to a time of unrivaled effervescence. It mark the beginning of the Art Nouveau with design of point architect, furniture jeweler and more.
Another thing in Belgium to know about is the food. Belgium Food is the greatest like for example the gastronomy which is a place to watch food being cooked outside the restaurant. But the only sweets thing in Belgium that all people love ic chocolate. By the year 1697, Henri Escher mayor of Zurich was so much in love about the chocolate drink. Chocolate was discover in the 17th century by a ruler of Spain. Then later on it became the most iconic in Belgium in the year 1912. Another most iconic drink in Belgium was beer. Beer in Belgium is more than a frothy beverage varieties. Belgium enjoyed their beer with different connoisseurs favor and more too.
Finally the most important is the castles and the gardens. The castles and gardens in Belgium is where people visit everyday like the Petit Sablon Square on of the biggest gardens in Belgium. The Petit Sablon Square is a gothic columns that is joined by a superb of the iron gate. The...