Although IT may generally be referred to as Information Technology
The following are lesser known uses of IT.

As an abbreviation:
Information technology, a broad subject concerned with aspects of managing, editing and processing information
it, the ISO 639 alpha-2 short code for the Italian language
IT, the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 and FIPS 10-4 country code for Italy
IT, Iran Time, the time zone used in Iran, UTC+3:30 (also IRST)
.it, the Internet country code top-level domain ccTLD for Italy
The Irish Times
Income tax
Iced tea
IT, Immediate Transportation, the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) regulated importation method whereby imported goods may travel by bonded carrier to clear at a location remote from the point of importation to allow fluid movement of intermodal cargo. This type of bonded movement can be done for cargo to be consumed/released in the USA (called: IT) or for transportation and export from a remote port (called: T&E) or for local movement for immediate re-export (called: IE)
Immortal Technique
The IATA code for Kingfisher Airlines and Irtysh Avia
Institutes of Technology in Ireland, in the educational system of Ireland
IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, a scientific journal published by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
Internet television, television distributed via the Internet
Internal Translator, an early compiler for the IBM 650
Inclusive Tour, a package holiday that includes accommodation in addition to transportation
International Times, an underground newspaper in London
A type of electrical earthing system
A metalinguistic marker in the Sanskrit grammar of Panini (grammarian)
A series of enduro motorcycles from Yamaha Motor Company (e.g. IT175, IT250, IT490)
Intercity Transit, a public transportation service in the State of Washington
Intelligent Transit, a public transportation service in West Virginia
One of the code names by which the Segway PT was known during...