L.I.F.E.- an Abbreviation

L.I.F.E. - an Abbreviation

To be true, it is not my own thought but of an inspiration. Life is beautiful as we know. We don’t take birth, rather we are given, and I would say by a scheme planned by our parents and the almighty. It’s a scheme which lists all our deeds from inception till conclusion. According to me, to commence, we are given to such a group, called family, which complements our dispositions. Throughout our lives we always stand along this grouping unit and hence for me LIFE stands for – Living In Family Environment.

We come to this beautiful life crying our hearts out. But if we don’t cry, we are made to, as it is a general indication of a living healthy child. Holding in her arms her first child, a mother is overwhelmed to see such a beautiful creation as a part of her. The father feels grateful to start a family of his own. The infant is taken care of as if god. And hence she starts her Life In Family Environment.

Budding and mounting under this umbrella of care and affection, a child turns into adolescence, leading life the way taught by her up-bringers. Through dusk and dawn of life, supported by a unit so strong, she smiles her way off confidently. She has her own people to consult whenever faced by any query. She has her own people to assist whenever faced by an obstacle. And hence she is full of hope and pleasure for the life to be led ahead.

As a bud turns into a flower and then fruit, which is filled with juice, from infancy to adolescence and further to a fully ripened adult, life moves on. Burdened with mutiple pressures of career, job, et cetera, this adult again seeks the lap of her mother where she would rest her head for a while and stay thoughtless. She seeks her siblings to talk to and feel light from within. She is curious for the night to come so that everyone would share their updates while on the dining. She loves to learn driving from her dad, cooking from her mother and workout their desires.

As she grows up, a...