A World Apart

The correctional system and institutions in the United States are a world apart from the correctional system and institutions in China. This paper will compare, between China and The United States, many different aspects of the correctional systems within the two countries. Then a personal opinion of the correctional system in China as compared to that of the United States, deciding which is more effective and if the United States should adapt to or make changes to reflect Chinas correctional system.  
Correctional Systems and Institutions
When it comes to reform through labor, the Republic of China has the largest prison system in the world, having over 1250 labor camps, prisons, and detention centers throughout China (Pareles, 2006). The one thing that helps make them one of the biggest prison systems in the world is the fact that there are more than two million criminals. By the end of 1988, the Chinese prisoners produced over 1.5 billion dollars in goods.
In China, the Ministry of Justice over sees every one of the prisons that are spread across the vast country (Law Info of China, n.d.). There is also the Bureau of Prison Administration which also over sees all the prisons across the country but they are under the Ministry of Justice. When one ventures out into the provinces of China the justice systems in those providences are responsible for overseeing the jails and prisons.   In the United States things work somewhat the same way. The federal law is the one Americans must fallow at all times. On the other hand each state has the right to make their own laws as long as the laws do not interfere with federal laws.    
Population and Privatization
  In October of 2004 China’s prison population was around 1.5 million people and of those 19,000 were juveniles (http://english.peopledaily.com.cn/200410/26/eng20041026_161549.html).   It is said that China will execute 22 people on average a day this is more than any other country around the world....