A Terrifying Experience

One night, I was searching for foods to grab a bite but it seemed that I was run out of foods so I decided to go to the nearby shop to buy some foods. I pull out the drawer and took a flashlight inside the drawer. I turned on the flashlight and opened the door. Suddenly, I got a bad feeling about what was going to happen. I convinced myself that there was nothing to be afraid of then I went out bravely and went to the gate, when I was opening my gate, I heard strange squeaking sounds echoing from an abandoned mansion, my heart skipped a beat and I was paralyzing for a while, when I was coming out of my daze, I whispered softly “I shouldn’t be afraid with those sounds, it’s just sound, just forget about those things and run as quick as you can towards the nearby shop”, I quickly opened the gate but it seemed that it was locked properly.
  Suddenly, an abrupt idea pooped out of my mind, I just remembered that I left     the key in my room. I turned back and ran swiftly towards my room, I tried to open the door but it was locked tightly, I said “I didn’t close the door but why it was closed?” I knocked on the door and said “Is there someone else inside my room?” Unfortunately that nobody was replying me. That made cold shivers down my back, my heart started to race even harder. I turned to see if there was something that can break the door, I didn’t see anything until I saw a hammer on the table, without a second thought, I took the hammer and bashed the lock as hard as I could, I felt relief that it broke. I used up all my might and kicked the door.
  The door opened and I saw my key was lying on the bed, as I sauntered in and about to take my key, I heard perpetual howling sounds of dogs echoed from the street, those sounds made the anxious in my heart rose, I tried to be brave and took the key and went into the gate. As I opened my gate, all dogs were coming toward my house and started to bark non-stop, I felt bizarre and turned to look at the back of me, I only...