A Sound of Thunder by Ray Bradbury

Alegria Garcia

A Sound of Thunder

Ray Bradbury's short story, "A Sound of Thunder," successfully illustrates how everything affects the future. A man named Eckels goes on a time safari, sixty million years into the past, accompanied by Mr. Travis, their travel guide. As their prey approaches, Eckels panics and runs off the path. Mr. Travis punishes Eckels by getting the bullets out of their prey, a tyrannosaurus Rex. Arriving in the future, Eckels realizes he stepped on a butterfly and changed history, as we know it. Because of this, Travis kills Eckels.
Bradbury's story is a success due to his use of mood, foreshadowing and figurative language.
One of the main successes of this story is the mood, and how everything affects each other. "By stepping on this one mouseā€¦infinite billions of life forms are thrown into pure chaos."(Pg.503). This goes to show that we are all connected, even if we deny it, it's still true. As a result of this quote, the reader should understand that every living thing in the prehistoric era had a meaning for our existence to become what it is. "Thank God Keith won. He'll make a fine president of the U.S.A."(Pg.500)."Who-who won the presidential elections yesterday?" said Eckels. "Why," said the man at the desk," Deutscher of course, not that weakling Keith!" This specific quote shows that because he stepped on the butterfly he messed up the future. Such as the political system or an entire culture, the possibilities are endless. These points prove that the mood in this story is very frequent.
Another main success for this story was the use of foreshadowing. An example of this foreshadowing is the time safari sign before they go to the past. (Pg.501) Instead of all the letters spelling correctly, they're all jumbled up. (Pg.509) This shows a specific detail in which the theme is everywhere. Another specific quote is from Travis, "Don't step off the path!"(Pg.503). Throughout the story it's being constantly...