A Separate Piece Summary

Character Study
Gene Forrester
At the beginning of the novel, you can tell that Gene will be the main character of the story. Gene is also the narrator because he begins to talk about the Devon school in a personal way.   We see Gene as an older more mature grown adolescent returning to Devon. He begins to tour the school and begins to have flashback of fears and insecurities he had during his school years. Gene’s life is influenced a lot by his best friend Finny, especially at school. Since Gene is not very athletic he decides to succeed in academics, which is something Finny isn’t good at. I believe that Gene has two different characteristics that are distinctive, he is a loyal friend but yet he is a survivalist. The reason that he is a survivalist is because he is always trying to keep his grades high and all Finny does is disrupt his studying. He is a loyal friend because he gives in to whatever Finny tells him. Gene follows Finnie’s ideas and seems to tolerate Finny, even when he becomes competitive. Gene represents a theme, he is a protagonist and he is also influenced by the war a lot. He is in the middle of a battle between himself, and Gene doesn’t fully understand the basis of an enemy because he doesn’t know his true identity.
Phineas – Finny
Finny is the best friend of Gene, he also seems to be very athletic which may lead to him having a toned body. He surely is strong because he plays sports, but is weak in academics. Finny never seems to care about school work. Instead he tries to be the class clown of the class by wearing a pink shirt, wearing his tie as a belt and causing mayhem. Finny is an all around good guy, personality wise of course. Finny once told Gene that he didn’t know that Gene knew he needed to study because he thought academics simply came to him and had ease with it. After the incident when Gene knocked over Finny and Finny shattered his leg, it seemed that Finnie’s hopes and dreams were shattered as well. Finny realizes that Gene...