: a Review of the Performance of Debenhams in the Year Ending 30th August 2008

To: shareholders of Debenhams
Date: 2009-12-06
From: XXX

Subject: A review of the performance of Debenhams in the year ending 30th August 2008

As we know Debenhams is a leading department stores group in UK. It has 153 stores across UK and Irelands, and 48 international   franchise stores in 17 countries. From 2006 to 2008, market share gains from all major clothing categories. The gross transaction value is increased by 1.3%, the full year dividend per share is 3.0P, and the net cash generated from operating activities is 191.4m pounds.
The users of the report that I choose is the long-term shareholders   of Debenhams where the ownership is separate from the management of the business. They are more appropriately viewed like investors who entrust their money to the company and expect something in return, usually a dividends and a growth in the value of their investment as the company prospers. (Weetman, 1996) They may be also concerned with the risk inherent in as they providing the money to fund a business. They probably need the information to help them make the investment decisions. They also interested in the financial performance information and financial position to help them manage its stewardship of management and cash-generation abilities.
In the following steps I will present the financial performance of this year, like non-current assets, profitability and expense etc, and use the ratios analyses to compare and explain the changes in this year.
Analytical Review
Fist I will analysis the non-current assets, profits, sales and the cost of sales, expenses through the past 3 years to give you an overall review of Debenhams performance.

(1) Non-current asset

From this graph we can find that the non-current asset in 2008 is less than 2007.   In the annual report of 2008, the property , plant and the equipment is only increased by 3.8% which compared with 2007. In 2008, seven new department stores, three re-sited stores and...