A Patriot

What Does It Mean to be a Patriot?
Since my father has served in the military for most of his adult life, I chose to expand on the definition of a patriot. My basic operating definition of a patriot is someone who loves, protects and defends his or her country and its’ way of life without conditions or reservations. This definition is simple, but it encompasses a wide range of actions the can allow someone to be classified as a patriot. Patriots exist, in many instances before the country was even formed, and continue to exist throughout a country’s history. Patriots can be found in all walks of life. The can be found in our military, as civilians who rise up under special circumstances, in public office or in public service.
Patriots are not unique to our country. Every country has and celebrates members of society who have risked and sacrificed to make their country a better place. Here you should do some internet research to look up heroes/patriots from other countries. England, France, China, Japan, Russia all have heroes or patriots who have done something great for their country. Plug in a few examples to complete this paragraph.
In our own country, our first thoughts of patriots are the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence. These men had an idea of a new country, independent from the rule and taxation of England. Each man knew that by signing that document they were, sacrificing their lives, families, homes and property, yet they signed the document anyway. In the years following the signing of the Declaration of Independence, these men suffered greatly. Some, like Richard Stockton were taken prisoner; others lost their homes and property, while still others were forced to flee for their lives. These men knew that by affixing their signature to that specific document, their lives would change most probably for the worse, but they did it in hope that the future of their families and their colonies would be far better.
Military men and women...