A Microfinance Mis

A Microfinance MIS
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Axia College University of Phoenix
August 11th, 2010
Dr. Veronica Sims

A Microfinance MIS
Mifos is a company that provides microfinancing to underprivileged countries around the world, specifically in many parts of India.   Mifos offers small loans to people who have nothing, and allows them to start a business of their own.   Mifos also builds locations everywhere, so that it can reach all the people that could benefit from what it has to offer.   It allows for them to make money, even if they have nothing to start out with.   Mifos uses open source technology because it is cost effective.   Open source technology is great because it is highly adaptable, and flexible.   The Mifos software allows for business owners to organize their business.   The user can view fees, funds, checklists, holidays, and offices.   Users can also post reports on their business’s progress.   They can post information about meetings as well.   This software meets all the basic requirements for a small business. The leaders of the Grammen foundation hope that one day this foundation will be self sufficient, being that it is completely self sufficient.  

Grammen Foundation. (n.d.). Open Source Technology for Microfinance. Retrieved August 11, 2010, from Mifos: www.mifos.org

Week 2 Checkpoint - A Microfinance MIS |
Write a 200-word description of what the software offers. Identify the components of the Mifos database. Format your paragraph according to APA guidelines. |
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    * Describes the software’s capabilities     * Identifies components of the database | 20 | 20 | Your checkpoint was detailed and specific; you met the required word count.   Details and explanations are presented, using specific words that give the reader a clear picture.   |
    * Cites references, if used, properly     * Format is logical and understandable     * 200 Word count met | 5 | 5 | Met. |
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