A Long Way Gone

Professor Salerno
English 101
Essay #3

A Long Way Gone: My Interpretation

After first starting to read A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah, I felt somewhat confused. Ishmael’s writing style is a little odd and tricky to follow at first. However, after a while I got use to his style and had an easier time following and keeping up with the story. While reading the first four chapters I felt like somehow this could not be an actual story. It made me realize how much more civilized and advanced the United States is as a whole compared to other countries. Growing up in Cullman, I have never been exposed to much violence of any kind, especially not the violence that is associated with war. I instantly felt sorry for children who have to grow up in environments with constant violence or war. It surprises me that Ishmael is able to recover from a very traumatic period in his life and lead a productive and functioning role in today’s ever changing society. I believe if I was to have witnessed all the disturbing things Ishmael witnessed, I would probably have to have some sort of therapy in my life. During chapter 5 when the boys got captured by the rebels and was forced to watch the rebel torture the old man, I felt sympathy to all that had to witness such horrific events.
As the book carried on, I became consumed with reading it. I enjoy reading and when a book is written well, I can read it and it almost be like a television show in my head. While reading about the attempts by the adults to brainwash Ishmael and the other boys, I found that quite disturbing. In most cases, the adults try to protect and shelter children. After being forced into the war, every adult in Ishmael’s life manipulated and brainwashed him for their on benefits. The commanders in the war knew exactly what to do to win over the children’s minds. The children thought as if they killed and done what they was told, they would get more praise and recognition in life. Ishmael says they lived by...