A Learning Support Practitioner May Contribute to the Planning, Delivery and Review of Learning Activities for the Following Areas. It Will Benefit Myself, the Teacher and the Children If We Are Involved at the

A learning support practitioner may contribute to the planning, delivery and review of learning activities for the following areas. It will benefit myself, the teacher and the children if we are involved at the beginning of the planning stage. If we are not usually invited to planning meetings, we should as when this takes place and if we can attend. long term planning will be in place well before the school years begins, with to agree on the detail of the content and delivery strategies. before each lesson, we should receive a detailed plan of the learning objectives for the activities being undertaken.
Although the class teacher is primarily responsible to plan, deliver and review all learning activities for the class, a teaching assistant can work alongside the teacher and make contributions that can improve the teachers plan, alter the delivery to make it more effective for pupil attainment and extend the teachers initial review. “Planning, teaching and evaluation follow a cycle which gives structure to the learning process”   and is vital in my role as a teaching assistant. I aim to describe how I aide the teacher to plan and deliver lessons and how I give feedback to the teacher about individual pupils, in order for the teacher make improvements in her planning and to be able to target individual children that are struggling. I will also give an example at the end to show how I effectively assisted in planning, delivery and the review of a lesson.
Planning: As a teaching assistant, I assist the teacher in planning for lessons by first having an informal discussion with both the teacher and the LSA in order to determine what the learning objectives are for the upcoming topics, so both I and the LSA know what the learning outcomes are and what is expected of the children. It should be noted, as I am only in placement one day a week, the teacher has in the past provided me (via email), with a breakdown of lesson plans for the week so I know what has been...