Learning Support

I will evaluate my role as a learning support worker (lsw). Analyse the theories and concepts relating to the learning support worker. Demonstrate my understanding of school polices and ethical procedures. Then provide a reflective account on how I contribute to the educational experience of the children I support.
The theory behind the learning support worker is that we were introduced in to settings to provide support for children who have an educational need or more specific 1 to 1 needs. The learning support worker also aids children who attend settings that have more complex disabilities as well as an educational need.
‘As a TA you are the forefront of supporting the learning of the pupils you work with’ (Graf, M Birch, A 2009 pg 1)
My role as a learning support worker has changed since I first started in school as I was only voluntary.   Although I was still expected to work under the guidance of my teacher my responsibilities where minimal. During the last 6 months my responsibilities have increased and I am now employed as a learning support worker within my setting.
‘I am expected to work under the guidance of my teacher or line manager. I’m expected to support pupils learning using pivats and where possible aim to be in line with the national curriculum.   Pivats are used in my setting to assess the personal achievement of the pupil. (Information provided by mentor during discussion 17th October 2010)   To comply with the schools polices and procedures. Also to support children outside the classroom ‘(taken from job description pg 1)
‘ The management, role and training of learning support assistants’ This research was conducted by Dr peter Farrell, Dr Maggie balshaw and dr flitz polat from the centre of educational needs at Manchester university. (www.education.gov.uk 1999)
‘There has been a dramatic increase in the number of learning support
Assistants (LSAs) in mainstream and special schools.’

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