A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step.

Every journey taken must begin with a single step. In Big World, the protagonist undergoes a physical and inner journey when he decides to leave Angelus with his friend Biggie.
The protagonist completes one of his biggest journeys of all and that is finishing high school. When the results arrive for him, he is devastated that he has done so poorly. A couple of week after the protagonist finally begins goes on a physical journey and leaves Angelus with Biggie. Soon the protagonist realises that he has started this journey and can’t go back because of the grave consequences,’... but Biggie has bigger things to fear. His old man will beat the shit out of him when he finds out. We can’t change our minds now.’ This suggest that he cares for his best friend Biggie and doesn’t want him to get hurt because Biggie had followed him on this journey.
The protagonist starts think about the past and how he was bullied by Tony Macoli. The protagonist remembers one week where he was pushed into the hedge and a series of other events by Tony Macoli, ‘On the second Monday of term I was shoved into the hedge...’ during this week he becomes friends with Biggie. Biggie punches Tony Macoli, ‘One second Tony Macoli was laughing himself sick, and the next his nose was pointed over his shoulder in the same direction as his wind-blown tie....Biggie Boston began two week’s suspension. This physical journey of being bullied had brought Biggie and the protagonist together.
At one stage of the protagonist life he questions his friendship with Biggie, ‘Friendship, I suppose, comes at a price. There have been many girls that I’ve disqualified myself from because of Biggie.’ This inner journey suggests that Biggie is unpopular around girls. But after they refuel New Norcia, Biggie meets a girl called Meg and instantly gets along with her. The protagonist notices that Biggies has feels for this girl, ‘I can see Biggie falling in love with her moment by moment. My heart sunk.’ The...