A House Paper

A New House
My decision for buying a new house

XECO 212
Principals of economics

There are many thing people look for when they buy a house. Some look for where it’s near and if it’s in a good neighborhood. Other people look for what stores or essentials are near the home such as food stores and laundry mats. Some people also look for what style the house is such as ranch or town home. When I go to buy a new house I look for what the yard looks like if there is a yard, how the house looks and what the house includes.
I want my house to have a nice size yard if there is one and it looks clean. I want to be able to plant flowers and a garden of some sort.   The back yard needs to have room to have parties and invite friends and family over for dinners outside. When I look at the yard I don’t want to have chips in the sidewalk and parts of the lawn missing. I am not going to worry about stick or weeds in the yard because that is going to happen no matter what and it’s not that hard to fix. With the way the economics are these days I don’t think you can get a good size yard without putting up a lot of money. There are a lot of people selling their houses and that’s because they can’t afford them. Some of the houses on the market right now have nice size yards with plenty of back yard space. But the property cost a lot just to buy it. And for me I don’t have the money to buy a big yard. So money would be the only thing stopping me from getting the yard I want.
When I buy a house I want a house that is not falling apart nor has leaks. The house has to be brick if it’s not then I want the siding to be a neutral color like white or tan color. I don’t want the roof to be missing shingles or have them peeling off. The siding on the side of the house should not be bent or have dents in it. I don’t want to have the paint peeling on the windows or anywhere on the house. When I look at the house I want it to be nice and inviting. I want it to be clean with neat lines and...