A Day

I remember yesterday, my little brother asked me a rather strange question. He asked me “Why are there so many plane crashes in New York?” I asked him what he meant; he answered me “Well my friend told me that planes crashed into a river and ummm buildings too”. I asked him what he thought happened; he answered “I think the airplanes broke and then the pilots couldn’t control it”

Now, flashback to around 10 years ago, the date, Tuesday September 11th 2001 I’m a five year old kid in senior kindergarten now. I wake up feeling quite excited, it was a sunny day, a perfect day for a second day of school with my new classmates (Unlike today, I actually enjoyed receiving an education). I go downstairs to eat my breakfast; milk and cheerios are my favourite. That morning, I took my time; after all I did wake up quite early. My mom tells me that we’re leaving in 15 minutes, I’m excited. I go upstairs and my mom helps me get dressed. We get in our car, a 1991 blue Corolla, even if the car is really old I still like it, blue is my favourite color. We start driving and heading towards my school, it’s a very long drive since we live in Toronto and my school is all the way in a town called Richmond Hill. When I’m in a car ride, my favourite thing to do is to look out the window. Today it’s a very nice day; there isn’t one cloud in the sky, I see a plane flying; how I always wanted to fly a plane (Being a pilot is still today for
me a career I may want to pursue).   We’re exiting the highway now that means we’re halfway there. I look at the clock, its 8:46 I think we’re going to be on time.

8:46:30 Flight 11 crashes at roughly 466 mph into the north face of the North Tower (1 WTC) of the World Trade Center, between floors 93 and 99.

My mom turns on the radio, she tells me she wants to know for how long the weather will be this nice. I see changing the channels to AM 680. I remember what my dad told me that I shouldn’t listen to that station because it gave “Bad...