A Cycle of Time


A Cycle of Time
John Doe Final Learning Paper EX-PY 201 Adult Development and Life Assessment Instructor: XXXXXXXXX February 20, 2012

High School Graduation, a life changing time. The willingness to accept failure or success while standing with my peers is a very distinct feeling. I am grateful that I chose the correct path. I am sure of one thing, that without determination, independence, and self confidence I would not be where I am at today. My carelessness and rebel attitude was almost a recipe for disaster. Although High School was good, my perspective on the experience and the experiences that I have had since then are my inspirations for the way I am leading my life, present day.

Way back in the 80s when I started to make some sort of grand plan for the future is where this experience begins. It was a fine day indeed as the pinnacle of High School has reached it acme. Graduation day had finally arrived. All my friends and family were elated with excitement knowing that our accomplishments were about to take a hold on us and thrust us into a future of promise. Yes, uncertainties were on the fore front of everyone’s minds, but it all seemed so insignificant as it was a time for celebrations and reflections. Everything was going as planned like clockwork. The Parties, Classmates speaking about what the future holds for each and everyone, the air was full of positive energy with no sign of slowing down. It was a great time. As we know there are no guarantees in life. To understand the significant values at young ages can be downright stressful. Inside thoughts occur within. What do I want to become? What are my steps to accomplish these goals in life? Where will this lead me? Everything is moving too quickly and I feel that at some basic level I am lacking something. It is like some pre-knowledge that I know has just eluded me. I began to ponder my future.

Reflecting back; this is when I decided to make some concrete choices in life and plunge...