A Camera

“a camera”

      The other day I was looking at some photos I found in the bottom of a box.   It got me thinking that a picture really is worth a thousand words.   I could go on and on about every picture.   In the one, was my oldest daughter dancing… the Harlem Shake… perfectly.   It was her birthday and all she said she wanted was a family picnic so we had a family reunion with a DJ and her favorite food.   She was so happy.   Then I found a picture of my grandmother sitting on her front porch.   She died a few years ago and I was not able to be close to her.   She was a very strong Christian woman and did not agree with my life style.   I really wish she would have let me be there for her.  
I needed to leave the house to run a few errands, and as I was driving, I realized what a nice day it was.   Everything was so pretty, the way the snow was lying on the trees and the river was just a slow steady stream.   I had a few minutes and walked around and took some pictures.   As I was walking, I remembered spending time with my other grandmother, who is (barely) still with us.   She was a photographer and one of the best times with her is when she was taking pictures of me.   She would chase me around and wrestle me down all the while taking the best pictures of life.   She could capture a moment in a picture that would take you back to that moment and make you feel it all over again.  
Later that night talking to my wife, Aly, and showing her the pictures I had taken earlier in the day with my phone.   She said “I think the next time we go to PA to visit, we should get Grams after Sunday dinner and go to a pretty place and take pictures.”   I was amazed, once again, she had no idea about the thought I had previously in the day and still… she was right there with me.  
We had a good night looking over pictures and talking about getting a good camera, so that we could take pictures and capture the moments in life worth remembering, like my Grams.