A 6th Grade Speech on Bullying

The topic of my today’s speech is bullying
What is bullying? And how lethal it is? Who is bully and who is been bullied
What are the shapes of bullying and what are its effects
This is such a sensitive and widespread problem of children and teens that according to a survey 80% of psycho criminals had been victims of the bullying during their child or teenhood, yet this is the most ignored and misunderstood curse of our society.
We get bullied everyday, everywhere. Be it school or home,be it mosque or market. Be it busses, trains or terminals. We see bullies and their victims everywhere. So much so, our media, our stage show, our tv, they get their popularity graph uplifted by promoting bullying.
When we call someone names, when we call a fat boy fatsu, or a dark coloured boy darky, we don’t realise that we are bullying him, we think its a joke.
No its not a joke.
A joke is fun but insulting someone is bullying and unfortunately most of our joke culture is insult based.
Watch our dramas, 90% jokes are about cast, colour or physical appearance.

To make fun of someone’s physical appearance, colour, cast, accent, social background or financial status are the worst shapes of bullying and we see that everyday.
A bully must be stopped from tarnishing someone’s personality. Be it a class fellow or a teacher. Be it a family member or a parent. Yes I used the words teacher and parents because though not knowing but unknowingly they, at times become bullies
Every soul has self respect and ego, and whoever does not respect someone’s self respect is a bully and the bullies must be stopped.
And the best way of stopping a bully is to report them, and then ignore them.   If someone reports a bully, he or she is not a softy or cry baby, he or she simply has a   better upbringing and a better upbringing means better manners, bigger heart and civilized behaviour.
And the best answer to a bully is to answer them back in such a civilized way, they feel the...