Sex Education

Why do kids need to be educated about sex and it’s affects in school?
Peer pressure is the number reason teenagers have sex in high school. Having sex is the “cool” thing to do. But why are the younger students having sex? Because they think that them and their significant other are serious enough to be having sex. What most of them don’t release is the bond that gets formed and the addiction that sex forms. According to experts, parents should be the ones educating their younger kids about what sex does and what can happen but many parents are busy with work, sports events, and life’s daily demands that they don’t ever actually talk to their children. The school is the next place they may learn about sex’s negative effects but all they hear about is from what other students saying. Peers to always realize that they are pressuring one another but they are.
Sex Education classes needs to be offered in schools to prevent unwanted pregnancies and undesired STDs. Having sex, in today’s society, is what it takes to be popular. Just as this has been tended into society the age at when kids first do have sex, is the new tend. The younger the boy, typically, the cooler he is. As the age of when kids start having sex gets younger and younger so does teen pregnancy. The age has gotten so low, that the girls aren’t even hitting thirteen and they have already done the unthinkable. According to studies, sex is an addiction. When kids start having sex at the age of thirteen and, for example purposes, the stay together, because they feel the emotional distress by it, and they keep having sex until senior year, four years down the road. By this time, these students think they are getting married after college and stop using protection. This is when a baby comes along. The boy then leaves so he doesn’t mess up his football scholarship and leaves the girl here by herself with a child. The dad might still be with the mom, but the dad is not with the child, and the mother is on...